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Bai Vong Beach, on the east coast 15km from Duong Dong, is emerging as an alternative gateway to Phu Quoc. Since it is on the east coast, this would be a good place to stay in the wet season, when the monsoon blows from the west, and seas on the west coast get choppy. If you are coming from the north, you will find Bai Vong just past the Ham Ninh fishing village. you will find the palm lined beaches of Bai Vong, with a couple of local restaurants serving local tasty food. Follow the tracks by motorbike to find the more remote parts of these swallow beaches.

For many visitors Vong Beach will be their first impression of the island because this is where the majority of passenger boats from the mainland dock. The large, long beach is impressive enough, especially with the forested hills of Phu Quoc National Park rising behind it. But Vong Beach is more of a port than a place to relax: at present there are at least two more long concrete piers under construction here, stretching hundreds of metres out to sea, in anticipation of the rise in tourist numbers in the coming years. There are a few seafood restaurants around the pier but no accommodation. For boat times and fares to Phu Quoc Island see this.

Bai Vong Beach, Phu Quoc Island Update to: August 20th, 2015 by Phu Quoc Green Travel.