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Phu Quoc Green Travel Vietnamese


By Air


Vietjet Air , Jestar Paffic and Vietnam Airlines have daily flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc and back. Flight hour is between 50 and 60 minutes – one way ticket costs from $60-100

Vietnam Airlines just opened a direct route from Singapore to Phu Quoc to make it more accessible to Singaporeans and expats living in Singapore to have a beach holiday.

By Sea


Apart from flying, the only way to reach Phu Quoc is by sea. Most ships arrive in Phu Quoc at the port of Vong Beach, although some land at Duong Dong. The journey generally takes two and a half hours from Rach Gia, and one and a half hours from Ha Tien.

Operators running the Rach Gia route include the Superdong Express hydrofoil is priced a little cheaper and is able to transport your motorcycle if you are riding one! O Tickets go for 340,000 Dong for adults, 290,000 Dong for children.

Operators running the Ha Tien route include the Superdong Express  , Ngoc Thanh Express and Thach Thoi hydrofoil is able to transport your motorcycle if you are riding one! O Tickets go for  340,000 Dong for adults, 290,000 Dong for children

Coming from Cambodia


Cambodian territory might be visible from northern Phu Quoc, but as yet there are no direct air or sea connections. See the post on Sometimes 30 Equals 200 for insight into the absurdity of this. Things will change sooner or later (Cambodia is banking on it, as a direct link could drive tourists to its own coastal resorts), and Ganh Dau has been touted as Phu Quoc’s potential gateway to the Khmer homeland. In the meantime, coming from Cambodia you will have to cross the border at Prek Chak/Xa Xia, present your Vietnamese visa, then go to Ha Tien and catch a ferry. It is complicated now, but things will probably get easier in the future.