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With less than 30 km of the total journey you take only half a day can visit the places:

Dinh Cau: designated as tourist symbol of Phu Quoc Island. Located immediately adjacent to the estuary Ocean Beach – Dinh Cau like shield protect fishing boats on the island when it has a storm. This is also the place to watch the beautiful sunset every evening in Phu Quoc and take a air for not only tourists but also locals in the evenings.

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Dinh Ba Thuy Long Thanh Mau: Place of worship goddess Kim Giao, legend she was the one who was instrumental in developing Phu Quoc island and the people worship her & set up shrine.

Manufacturing establishments fish sauce Khai Hoan: Like fish sauce manufacturing establishments Phung Hung in South Island. This is also a production base sauce oldest & prestigious on the island. (Some establishments can take visitors sauce production base Thinh Phat – this is the establishments of prestige and have quite a long tradition in Phu Quoc)


Pepper garden: You can opt visit pepper garden Duc Ninh or Duc Phat. In the garden you can visit the pepper – as well as traditional industries on the island. Guests can the demand for direct purchase in the garden with products: ripe pepper, skull pepper, salt pepper, red pepper, shortbread pepper, …


Su Muon Pagoda: As one of the first temples appeared on the island. The temple is located between the mountains Suoi Da and facing north. Visiting temples tourists can see giant Kơ nia trees 300 years old , along with stone statues shaped like Mr. Tiger is located in front of the main hall.


Tranh Stream: Being location eco attractions suitable for tourist travelers preferred to explore. However, Tranh stream just have been water in from June to October and the water more or less dependent on annual rainfall. Guests can along the trail beside the stream to go to the top and see this waterfall.


Ham Ninh fishing village: here visitors can visit more than 700 meters long jetty reaching out to sea. At the Ham Ninh fishing village visitors can find all kinds of seafood caught in the waters of Phu Quoc: mantis shrimp, slipper lobster, scallop fan, snail dance, cockles hair, crab, …Restaurants Song Le is a prestigious address is rated by customers.