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Duong Dong, the largest town on Phu Quoc Island, is situated midway along the west coast.
Duong Dong Town is the administrative, economical and cultural center of the island.
The vast majority of the island’s hotels and resorts are situated around or near Duong Dong making it the ideal location from which to explore the islands many treasures.
Duong Dong airport is the only means to reach the island by air, while most passenger ships leave and arrive from the port of An Thoi at the southern tip of the island.
Duong Dong Markets, the largest markets on the island, are located in the middle of town.
Duong Dong Markets are a fascinating place to visit during your stay. It offers the finest local produce; fresh seafood, a smorgasbord of locally grown fruit, vegetables, herbs and odd fishing tools…….
While the local markets and stores stock many fascinating items most of the shops in Duong Dong cater mainly for the local market. So don’t expect to find all your favorite western products on the shelf.
Alongside the markets moored in Duong Dong river are most of the islands sky-blue fishing fleet. Most of the islands cargo ships also dock in Duong Dong river.
These boats constantly ferry local products such as black pepper, sea food and fish sauce to the mainland and return laden with rice, fruit and vegetables and building materials not available on the island.

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