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Lined with sugary white sand, Khem Beach is renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches on the whole island. Up until now tourists have run the risk of being arrested just to swim on this gorgeous shore. Those days are over, and in the first part of 2010 local authorities were expected to unveil a multimillion dollar development plan for the beach.

Stone rocks jut out of the sand. Salty water laps at the shore. There are cup-shaped boats on the beach, which teenage boys use to paddle out to the larger fishing boats waiting off the shore. It is a vision of paradise, uncrowded and pristine. But that seems sure to change, and fast. The Government wants to develop Khem Beach, and it is due to release a master plan. Foreign investors have already shown plenty of interest, but were hampered by the lack of a master plan. In particular, the An Thoi Commune which administers the beach wants a focus on luxury development. As with Bai Sao and Bai Dai, this beach could one day be reserved for five-star resorts and Californian style condominiums.

Kem Beach, Phu Quoc Island Update to: August 18th, 2015 by Phu Quoc Green Travel.